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By: Jennifer Blastorah
The Huffington Post (The Blog)
March 27, 2013

Returning to Canada in the autumn of 2011, after completing my master’s degree abroad, I had high hopes of starting a career. Fluent in German, with international experience, educated in Canada and Germany, and with plenty of practical work experience, I was hopeful that I could get my foot in the door somewhere. Anywhere.

Though I pondered the possibility of continuing my education in a PhD program, with student debts exceeding $50,000, that option seemed unrealistic. Not to say I didn’t apply — I did: in Europe, where students are paid to do a doctorate and tuition doesn’t exist. With jobs being scarce everywhere, and with only a minimal number of spots in a program (10 per year in some cases), I didn’t get in. Besides, I had been warned by nearly all of my colleagues who have completed a PhD in the arts not to waste my time. For all the time and energy I would spend, I would be in no better position to get hired than I am right now.

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