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By: Dorie Clark
Aug. 6, 2013

Go ahead, try to “teach” today’s typical college or graduate student how to use Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Reddit. As Forbes’ Mark Fidelman reported last year, many graduate programs aren’t even trying – perhaps because of ossified course approval processes, which often take years to get new material into the curriculum, and perhaps because most millennials are already far more conversant with the technologies than their professors.

But one Canadian graduate program is taking on the challenge. Bhupesh Shah, a professor at Seneca College in Toronto, recently helped to launch a new one-year Social Media Graduate Certificate. What’s the pitch? “This program isn’t about developing talent who will just execute your social media tactics without critically thinking about how they can impact business objectives,” said Shah. “We’re shaping a new generation of social media elites [who will deploy] clear metrics to track how they’ve helped your business grow.”

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