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Voter support for Alberta’s governing Tories has dramatically dwindled, according to a new electoral poll.

The QMI/Sun News-Abacus Data poll conducted last week shows the PC lead over their right wing Wildrose Party foes narrowing considerably, to a count of 34% against 29%.

One survey from late February showed the lead of a Tory party under the leadership of Premier Alison Redford of 14.6 percentage points.

As Albertans edge closer to an expected spring election, voters are taking note of issues like health care and a Tory party seen increasingly as long in the tooth, said Abacus Data CEO David Coletto.

“The honeymoon is over for Alison Redford … these little things keep eating away at her character and credibility,” he said.

“If the alliance can take advantage of them, they can be successful.”

But Coletto said that would still mean a PC majority, though a reduced one, with one projection based on the poll putting their seat total at 54, with 22 for the Wildrose, six for the Liberals and five NDP MLAs.

The canvass of 947 adult Albertans March 5-7 also shows definite lines of fortune diverging between Alberta’s two largest cities, with the PCs dominating Edmonton by an almost two-to-one margin, while the two parties are in a virtual dead heat in Calgary.

The Calgary tug-of-war should prove decisive, along with ridings north of Edmonton, said Coletto.

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