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Kris Sims, QMI Agency

As political leaders stump their way across Canada in the federal election, a new national survey shows many of the voters they are meeting don’t actually like them much.

In a new poll, in which participants were asked to rank leaders on a “favourability” index, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff ranked lowest, with just 24% of survey respondents giving him a favourable review. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was next with 34% ranking him favourable. NDP Leader Jack Layton scored the highest with a 38% favourable rating.

“What’s interesting here is the polarizing effect of Mr. Harper contrasted with the favourability scores of Mr. Layton”, said David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data. “With Harper, we see very low rates of ‘unsure?’ or ‘indifferent?’ responses; most Canadians have formed an impression about him. Unfortunately for Mr. Harper, over two in three Canadians have a very unfavourable impression.”

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