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By: Susan Krashinsky
The Globe and MailApril 11, 2013

Among the bizarre and fascinating things that Australia has contributed to the world – including a pink lake, news stories involving shark wrestling, and the astonishing ability to lose a prime minister in the ocean – is the fact that now, “chief funster” is an actual job title.

It is one of six job postings posted last month; help-wanted ads that are a front for a much larger global marketing campaign for Tourism Australia – and behind it is an initiative targeted specifically at Canada.

The campaign is a sequel to a 2009 initiative from the country’s tourism authority that captured the world’s attention: that year, it posted the impossibly idyllic job of “island caretaker” in a tropical paradise.

The campaign was a massive success in promoting Australia as a destination. Nearly 35,000 applications flowed in, and thousands of news stories on the contest were produced worldwide.

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