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A new survey commissioned by CanadaHelps.org and Capital One Canada, as part of Fraud Awareness Month, found that 45% of millennials (aged 18-34 years) are taking no steps to ensure a charity is legitimate before making a donation, and more than half (52%) are spontaneous, “on the fly” donors. This kind of behaviour puts millenials at risk for fraud because they are casually handing over their hard-earned money and personal information with little to no planning or due diligence.

The survey found that compared to other generations, they are more than twice as likely to give personal information, nearly half as likely to ask if a charity is registered, and less than half as likely to ask for a solicitor’s identification. This relaxed attitude might explain why only 19% of millennials are very concerned about falling victim to a fraudster compared to 27% for other age groups.

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