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As a marketing or PR agency professional, you need reliable data to help you make the right decisions for your clients and company. That's where we come in.

On a weekly basis, we survey the opinions, attitudes, and behaviours of Canadians through the Abacus National Omnibus Survey.

For $1,000, your agency can add a question to the survey to test concept or messaging for a forthcoming campaign, identify target audiences for a new product offering, or understand how your client’s brand stacks up against others in their space. We’ll have the results over to you in as little as three days so you can use that data-driven narrative in your press release, optimize that campaign, and better serve your clients.

It’s that simple.

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Trusted by Professionals Across Canada

We are proud to have sponsored this important research which was brilliantly executed by Abacus Data. Hopefully this new data will inform policy discussions about how the music community can be sustained in these difficult times. When music thrives, we all thrive.
Graham Henderson

President, Music Canada

Bruce, David and the Abacus Data team are wonderful to work with. They develop innovative approaches with every study and consistently deliver valuable new insights from the research they do for us. Top shelf professionals with a deep understanding of how their work intersects with our communications and public affairs initiatives.
Aaron Boles

Vice-President, Communications, Canadian Bankers Association

David, you are by far my favourite partner I’ve worked with over my career. No one is more diligent, responsive, professional, inquisitive, passionate, talented and hard working than you and your team and to top it all off you are one of the nicest guys around. Abacus is a rare breed and I only wish all of our partners operated with the same high standards and ethics that abacus delivers on.
Ashlee Thomas

Director, Research Brand and Strategy at Shaw Communications

The Abacus National Omnibus Survey is just one of the many ways we can help your Marketing & PR Agency.
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