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Introducing the Abacus Insider: our new online home for the latest insights, polling, and updates from the team at Abacus Data.

The Abacus Insider gives you one-stop access to all of our published content – free of charge.

You will find:

  • All of our latest publicly available polls on a range of public affairs and popular culture topics
  • Reviews of cutting edge market and consumer research methodologies and technology from Sean Copeland
  • Insightful analysis of politics and public affairs from David Coletto
  • Commentary on trending topics in management and strategy development from Alex Monk
  • Interviews with leading marketing and market research leaders
  • Guest commentaries from members of our board and affiliated organizations

The Abacus Data Insider is our online home to share our interests and analyses through articles, infographics and videos, pulling the veil off our industry and engaging our clients and the public through transparent and frank discussions.

More than just a list a depository for our polls, Abacus Data Insider encourages commentary, discussion, and most important debate.  Click the link below to visit the Abacus Data Insider


Good Decisions Require Good Data.