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TORONTO and OTTAWA, May 23, 2014 /CNW/ – Each week until the conclusion of the Ontario election campaign, Sun News Network along with its polling partner Abacus Data, will release extensive polling information ahead of theJune 12 vote.

“Our ongoing, in-depth polls, not only present a snapshot of voting intentions but demonstrate the trends that are developing in a very close election campaign. We’re very excited to be working with Sun News Network to present this information to Ontario voters,” explains Dr. David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data.

Each week, polling data will be released according to the following schedule at 5:00pm ET:

  • Monday’s: the overall horse race and other campaign dynamics
  • Tuesday’s: perceptions about the party leaders and who would make the best Premier
  • Wednesday’s: the top issues driving the election as well as other topical items

A comprehensive poll will also be released on Wednesday, June 11 – the day before Election Day.

Full polling data is released on television, posted OntarioPolls.ca and SunNewsNetwork.ca.

“We use the expression ‘Sun Means Politics’ for good reason. We have consistently demonstrated our ability to present in-depth and compelling political coverage for our viewers. ‘Battleground’ – our election coverage program which airs weekdays at 5:00pm ET – presents the best campaign coverage in the market. Working with Dr. Coletto and Abacus Data only enhances that program for our viewers,” said Dennis Matthews, Director of Marketing at Sun News Network.

The see the polling data released on May 20, view this PDF: http://bit.ly/1pjj9rZ


Abacus Data is an innovative, fast growing public opinion and marketing research consultancy. We use the latest technology, sound science, and deep experience to generate top-flight research based advice to our clients. We offer global research capacity with a strong focus on customer service, attention to detail and exceptional value.

Having conducted research for some of North America’s leading corporations and advocacy groups, we deliver global research capacities with the attention to detail and focus of a boutique firm. Our team combines the experience of our Chairman Bruce Anderson, one of Canada’s leading research executives for two decades, with the energy, creativity and research expertise of CEO David Coletto, PhD.

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