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Starting this week, The Globe and Mail will reporting on some of the results of a new study of Canadians Millennials.

This comprehensive 2014 GenY Attitudes research study is a product of a three-way partnership and collaboration between the Globe and Mail, yconic and Abacus Data Inc.

The study was completed to measure attitudes, perceptions and the behaviours of Canadian Millennials on a wide range of topics which include: the Millennial state of mind and financial issues faced by Canada’s emerging generation.

Details of the survey results can be found here:

1. Generation Y Financials: Financial Independence, Home ownership and Debt

2. Millennial State of Mind: Stress and Ambitions.  Are they better off?


The survey was conducted online with 1,531 Millennials aged 15 to 33 randomly selected from yconic’s youth online panel of over 549,000 Canadian residents.

The survey was completed between January 30 and February 11, 2014. The margin of error, which measures sample variability, for a survey of 1,474 respondents using a probability sample is comparable to +/- 2.6%, 19 times out of 20. Since the online survey was not a random, probability based sample, a margin of error could not be calculated.

About Abacus Data

Abacus Data is an innovative, fast growing public opinion and marketing research consultancy. We use the latest technology, sound science, and deep experience to generate top-flight research based advice to our clients. We offer global research capacity with a strong focus on customer service, attention to detail and exceptional value.
It also runs one of the most comprehensive resources on Canadian Millennials available at www.canadianmillennials.ca

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