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OTTAWA, October 4, 2010 — Strategic research firm Abacus Data has launched Canada’s newest research tool – The Vertex Panel – that will bring together some of Canada’s best public policy minds in an interactive, online community.

“The need for thoughtful and informed public policy debate and analysis has never been greater,” said Abacus Data CEO Dr. David Coletto.  “A periodic sounding of key opinion leaders on matters of national importance will be an invaluable resource for the development of sound public policy in Canada.”

Participation in the panel is by invitation only.  Invitations are being sent to parliamentarians, senior public servants, political staff, media commentators, business and labour organizations, and prominent scholars across the country.

Abacus Data has partnered with the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs on this unique new project and will be establishing a scholarship fund and internship program for students studying public affairs and policy management at Carleton University.

“The Vertex Panel is an innovative project that will provide researchers and Canadians with an understanding of what experts in the public affairs field think about the important questions facing our nation,” said Dr. Chris Dornan, Director of the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs.  “By their participation, members of the panel will be contributing to better public policy and to the direct funding of students.”

Once members sign up for the panel, they will be periodically invited to respond to surveys on a range of policy questions.  The first round of research will be completed by the end of the year.


For more information, please contact Abacus Data CEO David Coletto at (613) 232-2806 or visit the Vertex Panel website at www.vertexpanel.ca.

Abacus Data Inc. is a full-service strategic research firm located in Ottawa, ON.  To find out more, visit the Abacus Data website at www.abacusdata.ca

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