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It’s an exciting time to be involved in the public opinion and marketing research industry.  The industry and the methodologies used to measure public opinion and consumer behaviour are rapidly changing.  Abacus Data was created to offer organizations and decision makers a research partner that works harder, focuses on our clients’ needs, and uses the most advanced methodologies and analysis techniques possible to answer the most important questions.

This blog will not, however, be an outlet for us to market ourselves (that’s what the rest of the website is for).  Instead, we will use it as an outlet to ask interesting questions, comment on current events, or simply ruminate about what makes the world tick.  Sometimes we’ll make off-topic observations, or report on some interesting data we’ve come across.  Other times it will be a place for us to vent.

We hope to invite engaging and respectful dialogue and debate and every now and then make you chuckle.  This is a new adventure for everyone here at Abacus Data.  We’re excited for what comes next.

Good Decisions Require Good Data.