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07 | 09 | 2010

What do Students Want?

As most university students across Canada head back to school today, one question continually baffles university administrators, faculty, and parents: […]

By: David
31 | 08 | 2010

The Rise of Automated Polls

It is no wonder that with the cost of telephone surveys rising and response rates declining, automated or IVR polling […]

By: David
16 | 08 | 2010

Candidate Fundraising in Canadian Elections

Abacus’ CEO, David Coletto, guest writes in this week’s The Hill Times about his research on candidates, fundraising, and Canadian […]

By: David
15 | 08 | 2010

An Analysis of Vote Switching in the 2008 Canadian Election

Abacus Data’s Alex Monk examines vote switchers in the 2008 Canadian election panel data from the Canadian Election Study.  He […]

By: David
10 | 08 | 2010

The Abacus Data Blog is Live

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the public opinion and marketing research industry.  The industry and the methodologies […]

By: David
27 | 01 | 2010

Chantel Hebert on Party Finance in Canada

Hebert: Cash, Votes, and the Rise of Toxic Politics Chantal Hebert, Toronto Star, January 27, 2010 There is a French […]

By: David

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