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24 | 06 | 2013

Tory support plummets after rocky spring: Survey

DAVID AKIN | PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU CHIEF OTTAWA — After a spring full of scandal that reached into the Prime Minister’s Office, a […]

By: David
20 | 06 | 2013

Canadians obsessed with real estate, poll suggests

Self-described real estate obsession highest in Toronto at 47%, survey indicates CBC News Most Canadians think about real estate on […]

By: David
02 | 06 | 2013

Abacus Data Presenting RetailSenses at The Insight Innovation Exchange

Thanks to over 300 people voting for our RetailSenses submission to the Insight Innovation Competition we are now one of the finalists […]

By: David
07 | 05 | 2013

Sean Copeland brings revolutionary consumer research technologies to market research firm Abacus Data

— Abacus Data is known for their public affairs research, political polls and 31-year-young CEO, but are quickly becoming known […]

By: David
01 | 05 | 2013

Sun News: BC NDP continue to lead in mid-campaign poll

The BC NDP is holding a 10-point lead over the BC Liberals according to a new poll by Sun News […]

By: David
01 | 05 | 2013

Introducing the Abacus Insider

Introducing the Abacus Insider: our new online home for the latest insights, polling, and updates from the team at Abacus Data. […]

By: David
25 | 04 | 2013

The Fight Against Cancer: Canadians hopeful, but there’s still work to be done

This year the Canadian Cancer Society will mark its 75th Anniversary and today, here in Ottawa, the Canadian Cancer Society will be […]

By: David
24 | 04 | 2013

Sun News: Canadians fear homegrown terrorism

David Coletto joined Sun News to look at a new poll on Canadian perceptions about homegrown terrorism in Canada

By: David
05 | 04 | 2013
22 | 03 | 2013

Canadian Business: Technology Transform politics with big data

By Jeff Beer, Canadian Business Magazine Kathleen Wynne is standing at the podium, beaming out at 2,000 Ontario Liberal party […]

By: David
24 | 02 | 2013

Poll shows Kingstonians oppose casino

By Paul Schliesmann, Kingston Whig-Standard KINGSTON – Hey, Kingstonians, it looks like most of you really don’t want a casino after all. On […]

By: David
11 | 02 | 2013

Sun News: No Bounce for the Liberals with Wynne’s Win

David joined AM Agenda on Sun News to discuss Abacus’ latest Ontario survey.

By: David

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