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24 | 03 | 2016

Most feel Budget 2016 is a change from the past, appropriate to circumstances, and sets good priorities.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto The following are findings from a national survey of 1,500 Canadian adults conducted by […]

By: Abacus
21 | 03 | 2016

Canadians Assess PM Trudeau’s Performance: Detailed Report Card #2

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto A majority of Canadians give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau an acceptable or better performance […]

By: Abacus
20 | 03 | 2016

Canada’s Mood & the Travels of Justin Trudeau

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Days before the Trudeau government releases its first budget, our latest poll finds that […]

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11 | 03 | 2016

Abacus Data is hiring a summer student. Come work with us for the summer!

Summer Student or Summer Internship Location: Ottawa, ON Description: Full-time, 4-month contract (May 2016 thru August 2016) Compensation: $3,100 per […]

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02 | 03 | 2016

Less than 1 in 3 oppose changes to Canada’s role in fight with ISIS

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto MOST ACCEPT CANADA’S SHIFT IN ROLE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST ISIS Our latest poll […]

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01 | 03 | 2016

Life in Canada’s Communities: Reactions to the Federal Government’s Agenda

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Abacus recently completed an in-depth nationwide LIFE IN CANADA’S COMMUNITIES study for the Federation […]

By: Abacus
29 | 02 | 2016

Life in Canada’s Communities: What’s getting better or worse, and what the priorities should be

We like where we live, but we see more signs of pressure than improvement By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto […]

By: Abacus
25 | 02 | 2016

We like where we live.

Most Canadians feel their community is better than average: quality of life is good, economic opportunities could be better By […]

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21 | 01 | 2016

Conservative Leadership: MacKay, Raitt, Kenney, Clement

Four names top the list of candidates attracting interest in the CPC race. By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In […]

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20 | 01 | 2016

The Canada-China Relationship

By Bruce Anderson Abacus Data conducted a nationwide survey on behalf of Teck Resources – Canada’s largest diversified resource development […]

By: Abacus
20 | 01 | 2016

Promises, Promises: Which Liberal campaign promises do Canadians want the government to follow through on?

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest poll we asked how people felt about a range of the […]

By: Abacus
17 | 01 | 2016

Popularity & Prime Ministers

Highest positives for Trudeau son & father Highest negatives for Stephen Harper By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our […]

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