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22 | 11 | 2018

Public perceptions remain a major hurdle to gender equity in politics

By David Coletto & Oksana Kishchuk On behalf of Equal Voice, we asked 2,000 Canadian men and women (those 18 […]

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17 | 11 | 2018

Liberals see an uptick; Conservative growth stalls

By Bruce Anderson and David Coletto In an election held tomorrow, 38% would vote for the Liberal Party, 31% Conservative […]

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09 | 11 | 2018

Alberta Pulse: UCP leads over NDP thanks to a more united right


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04 | 11 | 2018

Can the Conservatives win in 2019 by running against carbon pricing? It’s no slam dunk.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest national survey, we asked respondents a series of questions about climate […]

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01 | 11 | 2018

For most Canadians, the world is in trouble.

Bruce Anderson & David Coletto  Canadians may be somewhat divided as to whether the country is heading in the right […]

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16 | 10 | 2018

Most Canadians would vote for the USMCA deal.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest national survey, we asked several questions about the recently agreed to […]

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15 | 10 | 2018

Canadians are ready for legal cannabis

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Téléchargez le rapport en français ici As recreational use of cannabis is set to […]

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09 | 10 | 2018

Ontario PCs lead amidst slight Liberal recovery and NDP slide

By Ihor Korbabicz Premier Ford was swept into power by an intense desire for change incubated over a long stretch […]

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02 | 10 | 2018

Do you love oil? Hate oil? Either way, you’re in the minority.

By Bruce Anderson In our most recent national public opinion survey, we explored one of the most contentious topics in […]

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01 | 10 | 2018

Housing affordability is the top issue for Millennials who are looking to achieve the dream of homeownership

By David Coletto On behalf of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), we conducted a national survey of 2,500 Canadian […]

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28 | 09 | 2018

Liberal Re-Election Hopes?

May have less to do with a pipeline, more about attracting investment and helping with housing affordability. By Bruce Anderson […]

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24 | 09 | 2018

Only 1 in 5 Canadian millennials believe they will see global gender equality in their lifetimes.

By David Coletto On behalf of The MATCH Fund, we asked Canadian millennials (those aged 18 to 37) their views […]

By: Abacus

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