By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest nationwide survey included some of our recurring measures about the state of public opinion on federal politics. The highlights: FEELINGS ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT • 56% approve of the job being done by Justin Trudeau and his government, the highest number achieved by the new government. Only 24%


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest survey of Canadian public opinion shows broadly positive impressions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, six months after his election victory. • On all 12 different measures we tested for, substantial majorities express positive feelings about Mr. Trudeau. • At the top of the list of positive perceptions:

Regrets about the Liberal win? So far, voters have few.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Six months have passed since the last federal election, and voters have had a chance to know more about the people they put in office and assess the government’s performance. Here’s what our latest political mood data looks like: • 46% say they’d vote Liberal tomorrow, 27% Conservative and


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto The House of Commons, and it seemed, the entire political ecosystem erupted this week, over an incident involving the Prime Minister losing his temper. Much ink (or whatever the digital equivalent is) was spilled discussing the consequences of what became known as #elbowgate. Would this mark a turning point

Canada’s Mood & the Travels of Justin Trudeau

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Days before the Trudeau government releases its first budget, our latest poll finds that support for the federal government remains strong across the country. A majority approve of the federal government’s performance, the Liberals hold a 15-point lead over the Conservatives in ballot support, and a large majority of

Life in Canada’s Communities: What’s getting better or worse, and what the priorities should be

We like where we live, but we see more signs of pressure than improvement By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Abacus recently completed an in-depth nationwide LIFE IN CANADA’S COMMUNITIES study for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. This release is the second in a series of story lines based on this study. COMMUNITIES FEELING SOME

The Economy & National Politics?

Economic concerns are rising. Political preferences fairly stable. LPC 45%, CPC 28%, NDP 17% By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto A year ago, two thirds of Canadians said the economy was in good shape; one third said it was “poor”. Today, those numbers are reversed, illustrating how significant has been the shift in sentiment. Much

Canadian Politics: Broad Support for New Government

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto 1 in 2 say they Would Vote Liberal Tomorrow In our latest nationwide poll, fully 49% say that they would vote Liberal if there was an election today, signalling that the early choices made by the Trudeau government have been generally well received by voters. Conservative support today stands

Final #elxn42 poll: What do Canadians think about the leaders?

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto The three main party leaders have been a huge part of the story of how this election has played out.  And the views of all three have shifted over the 11 week campaign. The biggest shift has been rapid improvement in positive feeling about Mr. Trudeau.  Only 30% said

Final #elxn42 Poll: Expected Winner and Best Performing Leader

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Throughout the campaign, we’ve been keeping an eye on how voters are predicting the outcome, as this can sometimes have an impact on their own decisions, strategic or otherwise.  In August of 2014, a year before the writs were dropped, 39% thought the Liberals would win, 25% picked the

Good decisions require good data.