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06 | 04 | 2012

Sun News: Wildrose Continues to Lead in Alberta

David sat down with David Akin on the Sun News Network to breakdown the latest tracking poll numbers conducted exclusively for the […]

By: David
30 | 03 | 2012

Sun News: Wildrose Party Takes the Lead

David Coletto crunches the numbers of the Roundtable with Pat Boland.  The Wildrose Party now has a 13-point lead of […]

By: David
29 | 03 | 2012

Calgary Herald: Canadians to mark Constitution Day on March 29

BY DAN NEUTEL, POSTMEDIA NEWS What we don’t know can hurt us, and Canadians’ lack of constitutional knowledge is troubling […]

By: David
24 | 03 | 2012

Sun News: At the NDP Leadership Convention

David Coletto analyzes the potential for Brian Topp or Nathan Cullen to overtake Thomas Mulcair’s lead after the 2nd Ballot. […]

By: David
19 | 03 | 2012

Hill Times: Layton’s Legacy is Authenticity

David’s latest column in the Hill Times.

By: David
13 | 03 | 2012

Sun News Network: Crunching the latest Alberta poll

David joined Pat Boland on the Roundtable this morning to break down the Abacus Data/QMI/SUN News Poll on Alberta politics. […]

By: David
13 | 03 | 2012

Calgary Sun: Wildrose surges at expense of ruling Conservatives

Voter support for Alberta’s governing Tories has dramatically dwindled, according to a new electoral poll. The QMI/Sun News-Abacus Data poll […]

By: David
09 | 03 | 2012

Sun News: Crunching the Numbers after Super Tuesday

David Coletto goes over the exit polls from Super Tuesday and the Republican nomination.

By: David
29 | 02 | 2012

Sun News: A Majority of Canadians Say NO to OAS Reform

David joined David Akin on The Daily Brief to go over new poll numbers of what Canadians think of the […]

By: David
28 | 02 | 2012

Sun News: Crunching the latest poll numbers in MI and AZ

David was on Sun News today breaking down the latest polls as voters head to the ballot box in Michigan […]

By: David

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